Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Got me some hardcovers in the mail and had to snap a pic.  Okay, the photo does NOT do it justice.  This really is a handsomely produced book, and I'd like to thank the folks at Titan for an excellent creator-owned experience.  Tell your local purveyor of comics and books to order you a copy, or click right HERE.

What folks have said:

"Pure visceral fun!" - Ain't It Cool News

"The script by X-Men writer Victor Gischler offers a lot of laughs and
some well-played action of the Grindhouse school." - Kabooooom

"A steamy world of sex, danger, and intrigue!" - BLOODY DISGUSTING

"Whedonverse goes to the Grindhouse theater." - FANGIRL NATION

"I found myself going back over the truly great artwork, and laughing
at some of Sally’s better one-liners." - Comics Spectrum

"Over the top, fun and enough graphic gratification to keep you on the
edge of the seat." - COMICS FOR SINNERS

"Tazio Bettin's scenery makes Waterworld look laughable." - UNLEASH THE FANBOY

"Profanity, nudity, zombies, and violence with blood and guts. It’s

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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Another one of those end of the year posts.

So. 2014.  There were times I really felt like the year was dragging along.  But now that we're at the end, I sort of wonder where the year went.  I have lots to write.  So many deadlines.

But I honestly can't say I have any special insight about wrapping up another year.  I did accidentally say New Year's Revolution to my wife instead of Resolution, and I sort of liked the way it sounded.

2015: New Year's Revolution!

And ... well ... no, I actually don't really know what that means, not exactly.  Just that there are a few things I'd like to do differently.  For one thing, I am HUGELY grateful for any and all work-for-hire comic book gigs that come my way.  Making a living as a writer can be tough, and it's not something I take for granted.  Having said that, I think I would like to shift my focus slightly to more creator-owned things.  Sally of the Wasteland wrapped recently, and I miss scripting characters of my own invention.  I love working with artists to create something new. 

I'm also keen to be more proactive about getting my books and comics to film, and I'm actually working with some people now to make that happen.  More on that if/when it comes together.

So, yeah, more proactive .... but more selective too.  I want to zero in on fewer projects but really put all of my best efforts into them.

For a while novels took a back seat while I cranked out the comics.  I'm very glad to be back in the novel writing business, and I want to keep fanning those flames.  Fantasy and science fiction are big in my life right now, but I haven't given up crime writing.  Check it out here.

So ... nothing really so revolutionary after all.  These are all things any number of writers might say, right?

And yet ...

I feel there is something hovering just on the edge of my perception, just hanging out there.  The big WOW thing. I need to be vigilant.  I need to be ready to grab in case the WOW thing comes within reach.

Maybe.  Who knows?

Friday, December 19, 2014

Monday, December 15, 2014

SUFFRAJITSU from Jet City Comics

I don't really do "reviews" on this blog, but I do occasionally make mention of somethign if it catches my eye, and that's the case here with Suffrajitsu.

Tony Wolf has hit on something interesting here. There might be another comic out there that takes on the suffragette movement in 1914, but if so I don't know anything about it. These women are not prim and proper.  They are kick ass.

Joao Vieira's art seems a perfect match for the subject matter.  It really has that old-timey vibe that takes a reader straight back to 1914.

Jet City is a relative newcomer to the comics industry, but with the might of Amazon.com behind them, I've been curious to see what they can do, and Suffrajitsu is a good introduction to the publisher.  Wolf especially does a good job leaving us with an intriguing cliffhanger that spurs us to get issue #2.  I'll be keeping an eye on Jet City and this title.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Issue number five of SALLY OF THE WASTELAND brings our exciting and irreverent post-apocalyptic tale to a close (for now).

But with endings come new beginnings!  (And new sales pitches!)

All five issues of SALLY OF THE WASTELAND have been collected into a handsome hardcover with a nice chunk of bonus material.  The book will be available in a few months, and as always, I encourage you to pre-order at your favorite local comic shop.

But, hey, this is the internet, so here's a link right HERE if you'd rather order online.

Working with artist Tazio Bettin and Titan Comics was a hugely rewarding experience, and I'm proud of this crazy, B-movie comic.

So ... throw lots of money at the hardcover.  Thanks!

Some stuff people said and junk:

"B-Movie magic in comic book form." -- Comic Book Therapy

"This comic pays a perfectly honed homage to the days when there was little distinction between sex and violence. And it does it with a kick." -- Bloody Disgusting

"To say that the art is amazing is an understatement. " -- Comic Bastards

"Sally is a character you’ll either love or hate.  She’s like Harley Quinn and Deadpool – sassy and full of chaotic impulses.  She skirts the line between being a full-on cartoon character vs. someone who has adopted a care-free outlook on life to avoid internalizing the horror of the outside world.  Mostly she’s just fun.  If you enjoy either of those series and want to give something new a shot, I highly recommend this book." -- Rhymes with Geek

"Long story short, this (in my opinion), is a fantastic "Testosterone" comic. Not too heavy handed on the story, plenty of action and nothing offends my artistic eye. So go ahead, crack open an ice cold beer and have a read." -- Comic Crusaders